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Door stickers:

Thanks to Mark Woodhouse, Bruce Howard, Charles Ricks, Craig Johnson, Chris LeDonne and Ron Mahoy for their help with this information.


How to decode a door sticker (VC label) for 1982-1993 SSP Mustangs:

    The VC label example below is for a 1993 Florida Highway Patrol Mustang LX. The VC label will be the same for non-SSP cars, with some differences on how the codes are used. All SSP Mustangs built between 1982-1993 will have a similar layout, with some differences, noticeably the word 'TAPE' is not present on pre-1984 cars, this instead has an 'AC' code.

93_ssp_door_sticker_for_web_example.jpg (85594 bytes)


Table A: List of values for each item on the VC label.

1: DATE Shows only MM/YY of production. Exact date may be determined by data stamped on buck tag, or under hood, sometimes seen on the radiator support area, drivers side.
2: VIN # VIN # for vehicle.
3: EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS Paint code for vehicle.
4: BODY Style, either GL or LX, LX2 for SSP cars
5: VR Specifies type of vinyl roof; NA for SSP cars.
6: MLDG. Specifies type of molding color; Often seen without as many departments ordered body side delete moldings to ease graphics install on vehicle.
7: INT TRIM Specifies type of trim. First digit indicates type of seat, second digit indicates color
8: TAPE Color of stripe if present
9: R Type of radio
10: S Type of sunroof if present
11: AX Rear axle ratio and type(Open or Limited slip)
12: TR 5 character value; First character indicates transmission type, characters 2-5 indicate spring type, Frt/Rear.
13: DSO Order information for DSO that processed order. 6 characters for SSP cars, first 2 identify DSO office, 3-6 indicate DSO number.


Table B: Body codes used for VC label.

Note, these values differ from the 2 Character VIN value.

Year: Body Code: Body Style:
1982 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - L/GL
1983 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - L/GL
1984 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - L/LX
1985 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1986 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1987 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1988 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1989 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1990 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1991 66B 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1992 LX2 2 dr notchback sedan - LX
1993 LX2 2 dr notchback sedan - LX


VC Label examples:


     Rare vehicle, 1985 Kentucky State Police SSP DSO 28 0271, 5 speed with 2.73 posi!

85_KY_SSP_VC_LABEL.jpg (48597 bytes)

     Door sticker for 1986 Utah Highway Patrol car. This is the older style VC label. Zone office code of 76, DSO of 0109.

1986_UHP_VC_Label.JPG (45303 bytes)

     Door sticker for another UHP car, this one an '88. Note different style label with a bit more information. Also, MLDG code has XXX to indicate none.

1988_UHP_VC_Label.JPG (53364 bytes)

     Door sticker for one of the 17 OSP cars which wound up at Saleen in 1988. Note vehicle was white, with a 5 speed, 3.08 posi, and was order through the Seattle office. Also of interest, the Saleen certification label below it. How many of these do you see?

88_osp_saleen_doorsticker.jpg (86558 bytes)

    This VC label is for an '88 GSP SSP. DSO 21 0216, AOD, 3.27 posi.

88_GSP_VC_Label.jpg (52593 bytes)

    Here's another Oregon car, DSO 74 0005, 5 speed, 3.08 rear.

88_OSP_VC_Label.jpg (85595 bytes)

     This 1989 SSP was originally a Government vehicle, and may have been used by the FBI, DEA or a similar agency. Note DSO of 83(Gov't) and uncommon paint of Dark Shadow Blue Metallic. Body code is still referred to as 66B.

89_GOVT_DSO_door_sticker.jpg (51292 bytes)

     This 1989 SSP sticker was for a Florida Highway Patrol car, a 5 speed/3.08 posi car. The 2 tone paint code and 'XXX' molding code clearly indicates this was a marked unit (no body molding to make marking the unit easier).

89_FHP_door_sticker.jpg (21528 bytes)

     This door sticker is for an 1989 Indiana State Police vehicle. Body type listed as '66B'. Office 46 is Indianapolis, car was equipped with AOD, 2.73 posi, factory black color.

89_Indiana_SP_VC_Label.jpg (74234 bytes)

     This one is for a 1989 RCMP Mustang. Notice the office code is 'B4'. Bright Regatta Blue Met. paint, 5 speed, 3.08 posi drivetrain.

89_RCMP_SSP_VC_Label.jpg (42472 bytes)

     Here's a tag for another RCMP car, this one a 1990, sitting in a salvage yard June 2003. Notice body style now coded as LX2 instead of 66B, different DSO groups, both cars are blue but the color codes are different for each year.

90_RCMP_VC_Label.jpg (43661 bytes)

     Here's a sticker for a 1991 NCHP car. AOD/2.73 posi combo. Lt. Crystal Blue paint.

91_NCHP_SSP_Door_Label_DSO_22.jpg (76168 bytes)
     Another example of a SSP door sticker, this one for a 1992, indicating DSO 24 (Jacksonville, FL), 5.0L, AOD, 2.73 Posi, Bright Red paint(one of only 3 used by the FHP):

92_ssp_door_sticker_for_web.jpg (40612 bytes)

     Here's a VC label for a 1992 Michigan State Police car. DSO 48 indicates the order came through Detroit, black molding(A), Black cloth seats(FJ), and special colors for Michigan. Car equipped with standard 2.73 rear, AOD transmission.

92_MISP_ssp_door_sticker_for_web.jpg (37522 bytes)

     One more 1992 door sticker, this one for a Pennsylvania State Police vehicle. These cars, along with Michigan, were among the rarest of all SSP's, with only 11 used in PA ordered in 1992 only. This example has Medium Titanium paint, AOD, 2.73 locker, and was ordered through Philadelphia DSO.

92_PASP_door_sticker1.jpg (32792 bytes)

     Another 1992, this one for Alachua County, FL Sheriff, with Titanium Frost paint, AOD, 2.73 posi. Bucktags read DSO Police for this one as well.

92_Alachua_County_FL_VC_Label.jpg (39042 bytes)
     Another example of a Florida vehicle, this one for the city of Winter Park. This 1993 model was a white exterior, AOD, 2.73 equipped car. Note the bucktag for this vehicle listed simply DSO POLICE without a specific department listed. Another interesting note is the vehicle order office-Washington!

93_winter_park_ssp_door_sticker_for_web.jpg (45471 bytes)

     Here's a VC label for a Missouri Highway Patrol 93 vehicle. Ordered through Kansas City, this vehicle was Vibrant White (marked with decals), red interior, 5 speed, 3.08 posi. Note molding is specified even though this was a marked unit; molding was often but not always deleted on marked cars.

93_MSHP_Door_Decal.jpg (53572 bytes)

     This label is for 1993 Maitland, FL vehicle. Bucktag indicated DSO POLICE, unlike the Deland vehicle above(both cities in proximity).

93_Maitland_FL_SSP_VC_Label.JPG (37624 bytes)

     Here's another RCMP car VC label, this one for a 1993. Code 'B1' for office vs 'B4' for 89 model above. Bright white paint, 2.73/5 speed for an unusual combination of options.

93_RCMP_SSP_VC_Label.jpg (44406 bytes)

     These 2 1993 cars were built 5 VIN's apart..both had identical options including 5 speed, 3.08 posi, no Silicone hoses or VASCAR cables as part of the DSO. 21 office indicates Atlanta, and both of these cars were ordered for a dealer in SC.

93_DC_Silver_VC_Label.JPG (110782 bytes)
93_DC_White_VC_Label.JPG (20129 bytes)

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