Buck tags:

Thanks to Mark Woodhouse, Charles Walker, Bruce Howard, Charles Ricks, Andy Laurence, John Redshaw, Teron Brown for their help with this information.


How to decode a body buck tag for 1982-1993 SSP Mustangs:


     The first step is to find the bucktags on your vehicle. The tags are located behind the drivers headlight stapled to the radiator support. On a genuine SSP car, there should be 2 tags attached. The tags can be seen without removing the light assembly, but this is done here for illustration purposes.

83 -88? location: tags are screwed to frame

86_SSP_Bucktag_location.JPG (67550 bytes)

88? -93 location:

buck_tag_location.jpg (84273 bytes)

     The tag below is for a 1993 unmarked FHP SSP LX. This tag is the informational tag with vehicle build options. It can be checked against the VC label for several key fields, including VIN, DSO, paint code, AC, etc. It also contains the build date in MM/DD format, so it can be combined to give the exact vehicle build date, I.E. 03/93 from VC label, 03/17 from tag, vehicle built on 3/17/93.

FHP198E_bucktag1.jpg (72348 bytes)

     Below is the second body buck tag for this vehicle, which actually details the DSO and agency, special paint codes, etc. Some examples such as the one below are seen with a 'generic' DSO which simply details the car as having the 'Police' option with no agency specifics such as paint or DSO number.

FHP198E_dso_bucktag.jpg (43231 bytes)

    One more example of a pair of bucktags, this one for a very early SSP, a 1983 FHP Mustang. Note special paint used on roof and deck for cream/black Florida Highway Patrol paint scheme, FLORIDA designation in upper right corner for ordering agency, DSO 24 for Jacksonville office, and DSO group number. Note a paint code of WT 1077 for the cream color roof/deck combination, and added roof reinforcement for lights. Note body style 66B=2 dr notchback on second tag.

83_fhp_bucktag1.jpg (27703 bytes)

83_fhp_bucktag2.jpg (23125 bytes)

     Here's a pair of tags for another early SSP, a 1986. The first details the options, 9L(White), AC, 66B(Coupe). The second lists the agency and DSO information. What's interesting is this vehicle was ordered thru Don Reid Ford in Orlando with a DSO of 24 0306, but had a bucktag for Louisiana on the frame! The nomenclature 'Special Service Pkg' is also clearly spelled out.

86_SSP_DSO_Tag1.jpg (40125 bytes)


86_SSP_DSO_Tag.JPG (44292 bytes)


     Below is a bucktag for an '88 Oregon State Police car, which was originally ordered by the state but wound up at Saleen for conversion(see the FAQ page for more info).

88_osp_saleen_bucktag.jpg (54294 bytes)

     Here's another example of a set of OSP bucktags, this one for a 1988 also. Oregon Police Unit listed on first tag. DSO office of 74, 66B for body style.

88_osp_bucktag1.jpg (34326 bytes)

88_osp_bucktag2.jpg (69548 bytes)

Here's a trio of Bucks found one an SSP in a boneyard, June 2003. RCMP, DSO of B4. It's a shame this car couldn't be salvaged, since these are rare vehicles. This is the first I've seen with an SSP containing 3 tags!

90_RCMP_VC_bucktag.jpg (27958 bytes)

90_RCMP_VC_bucktag2.jpg (39228 bytes)

     Another example of a bucktag, this one for a 1991 Georgia State Patrol Mustang. This tag actually details the options ordered for this agency, unlike the one above. Note special paint used on the GSP blue and grey paint schemes, the tag lists hood-roof-deck for grey, the rest blue. DSO 21 is Atlanta sales office. It's also interesting to note tag is sprayed in both colors.

gsp_small_bucktag.jpg (27204 bytes)

     Here's a pair of bucktags from a 1992 Michigan State Police Mustang. Note special paint and color code on second tag for Michigan. Michigan cars were among the rarest, with only 34 being ordered over 2 years. Tags are stapled on.

92_MISP_ssp_bucktag1.jpg (43090 bytes)

92_MISP_ssp_bucktag2.jpg (46331 bytes)

     Here are a pair of bucktags for a 1992 Pennsylvania State Police SSP. Note just PENNSYLVANIA POLICE designating the State Police agency in the first tag, while the second details the options for this vehicle. Often, the DSO tag will list just the state and POLICE for options, though sometimes the specific agency may be listed completely (i.e. the Michigan State Police tag above), or other times, just DSO POLICE. This last option has been seen for both state agencies (the first tag on this page was a 1993 purchased by the FHP), and also for local agencies. The latest documentation seen was a city vehicle ordered for DeLand, FL with "CITY OF DELAND" stamped on the tag. The reasoning for this is unclear at present, but it may lie within specific ordering practices for a given DSO.

92_PASP_bucktag1.jpg (9593 bytes)

92_PASP_bucktag2.jpg (11173 bytes)

     Pair of bucktags for a 1992 Utah Highway Patrol SSP..Once again, DSO POLICE seen for a state agency.

88_UHP_Buck_Tag_TBROWN.JPG (22614 bytes)

     One more, this for a 1993 FHP car. Note the FLORIDA POLICE and SPECIAL PAINT wording, detailing the typical FHP 2 tone colors underneath. Tags are stapled to support.

FHP_93_SSP_Bucktags.JPG (74884 bytes)

     One more, this for a 1993, car was not ordered for any particular agency, hence DSO POLICE. 

93_DC_White_SSP_Bucktag.JPG (46945 bytes)

     Non-bucktag related, but still interesting: 1985 KY State Police car, 'POLICE' written on door to aid in assembly?

85_KY_SSP_DOOR_MARKING.jpg (32992 bytes)

     And this Oregon State Police car had the vehicle tag affixed to the rollbar, as well as stamped in!

88_OSP_rollbartag.jpg (71350 bytes)


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