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Aug. 25-27,2017 GRAND NATIONAL MCA Show in KCMO

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    Thank you!!!


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      I was informed last night that only 63 slots are available for this show. I believe we have 7 SSP registered. If you are thinking about this show and gathering, and have not registered do so today. It will be closed at 500 Mustangs. Display is $25.00. or the MCA web page.
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        Jim - Is the MSHP confirmed to bring theirs to the show? Also, not sure you've heard by the Trooper who drove my 93 white MSHP SSP was just promoted to Major.

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          Just an update on the MCA Grand National.

          As of this week, 26 slots are left for a sell out. We have 39 States represented by registered cars. Dont sit on the fence, pay the $30.00 display fee to join us.

          Thursday Night Aug 24, 2017 if your in town, BBQ dinner sponsored by Weld Wheels and a tour of their facility. We will cruise from the Convention center to Weld Wheels.

          I'm going to suggest we all go to the Sunday Aug 27, 2017 Breakfast $30.00. We will all sit together( table) as a SSP Group near awards. They are expecting 1200 people in that room. Go back to and you can bill the breakfast separately.

          Friday Aug. 25, 2017, I suggest we all travel to BBQ for dinner.

          Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017 travel for dinner. Suggesting Jesse & Jims or Hertford House for a KC Strip ( NO NY stuff ).

          Awards and show should be over by 200PM on Sunday Aug. 27, 2017

          ** A plus to this group, " The High Five Tour", Wounded Warriors Family Support, 2016 Shelby GT-350, will be on display at the show. One week prior to the show, the tour will make Ford dealerships and an 8 hour stop at the Ford Assembly Plant - Claycomo ( F-150 PU & Transit) . If your in town, your welcome to join the stops. The driver, coming in is from Sacramento, Calif. is a retired CHP Trooper who spent a career driving the CHP Mustangs and keeping their museum current. Craig will be joining us for many of our get togethers. If you wish to travel to the Mustang Rally in Sturgis the next weekend ( Labor Day), Craig & I leave Sunday afternoon for Omaha, pick up the WWFS Raptor, spend the night in Omaha and Monday Aug. 28th travel to Rapid City/Sturgis SD for one week of their festivities.

          ****MSHP has run into some hiccups on their 1988 MSHP, however it appears that a well known restoration shop in the KC area, will get this car up and ready and we already have it registered for Saturday Aug. 25. 2017. They are donating their labor, skills and knowledge to help MSHP..

          I'm trying to compile a list of those that I know are coming to KC. Please contact me at if you are not listed or have questions, I just don't check this board much.

          Mike P from Detroit, Steve P from Arkansas, Gary M from Ky, Chet from Indiana, Gregg H from Georgia, Aaron from TEXAS, Neil from Oklahoma, David P from VT/NH. Eric P from KCMO. Tom M from Houston, Steve N. from Louisville. We will have visits from Ray AKA- COPCAMARO.

          WE CAN PARK AS A GROUP, does not matter if we are judged or not judged, but we MUST enter registration/inspection at the same time and together. I'm going to suggest time to TBA however Friday Aug. 25, 2017.
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            The registration for the MCA Grand National is now CLOSED. All 500 slots are spoken for and have cars registered. You will go on a waiting list, if someone fails to show. See you all Aug 24-27, 2017.
            2012 Mustang Boss 302 #2892
            2016 Police Taurus Interceptor #80