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  • Hello! First time Mustang owner...

    I'll start off by saying that I'm not only a first time Mustang owner but this is the first American car I've ever owned. Until now I either went for lightweight nimble high revving Japanese cars or German luxury. Neither of which really ever seemed to tug at my heartstrings. I'm a huge racing fan & a kart racer, I guess the idea that most Mustangs were bound to dragstrips always kept me away...although I was raised by a family who owned countless Mustangs through the years. They were very familiar but I guess I just wanted to try new things once I got my license.

    A few months ago a family member decided to let his 91 LX go & I jumped right on the opportunity. I had driven the car once last summer & it left quite an impression on me. I had never owned or driven a car so light & nimble with torque...I was hooked right away. In December I took ownership of the FHP car you see in the photos below...the car had very little if anything wrong with it and for the past few months I've driven it very little due to winter weather. Even so, in the 500 miles I've spent in this car I've really fallen in love with it.

    The torque, the low weight, the overboosted yet responsive steering, the sound, the attention it brings, all of it is intoxicating. The car has an extensive mod list, all of which are things that strengthen the foundation of the car. Suspension, brakes, chassis stiffening,'s really the perfect build for a car with so much history. It doesn't have any power mods other than an exhaust system & (what smells like) deleted cats but in my opinion with so little weight & mechanical grip 225-250hp is just right & more than enough to bring the rear end out in a corner with a generous helping of the gas pedal.

    All of my friends are intrigued & confused as to why I would suddenly switch from imports to a Mustang nearly as old as I am, I simply say I wanted a change of pace. I was never one to judge a car by it's badge or country of origin. If it puts a smile on my face then it's okay in my book.

    Anyways, I wanted to introduce myself & show off some photos I've taken of my new toy. Can't wait for spring so I can spend more time in her! Expect a lot of photos out of me as the weather warms up. I'm a freelance automotive photographer & this car oozes character.

    Notchback Fox by Anthony Stone - amsfoto, on Flickr

    Notchback Fox by Anthony Stone - amsfoto, on Flickr

    91' SSP by Anthony Stone - amsfoto, on Flickr

    91' SSP by Anthony Stone - amsfoto, on Flickr
    1991 Florida Highway Patrol #726

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    Welcome...nice pics.

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      Sharp looking car...enjoy it!!
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        Thanks guys
        1991 Florida Highway Patrol #726


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          Welcome! Plan on showing it anywhere?
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            I do a local Cars & Coffee event every weekend when it's nice out, I actually had it out yesterday & was amazed at how much attention the car got. I had people stopping me for questions & crowding around constantly. Most of the cars at these meets are exotics or classics yet people were still interested in the SSP & knew what it was immediately.
            1991 Florida Highway Patrol #726


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              Beautiful car!

              Sending you a PM!



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                David P.


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                    Welcome. Beautiful paint.
                    1989 Nevada Highway Patrol SSP Unit# 262(?)

                    I love my NHP SSP

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                      Welcome to the FHP bug. When you get a chance let us see more pics and get the vin registered. Marti reports are great to have. You might consider the MCA Grand National Show in Columbus Ohio, Labor Day weekend 2015. Many on this board, bringing SSP. Registration is closed at this time, but you can still enjoy the SSP group and I believe they will open display as it gets closer to the event.
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                        Thanks for the kind welcome! I'll definitely be posting more photos as soon as things warm up a bit and I'll look into that show as well.
                        1991 Florida Highway Patrol #726


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                          nice, only thing better than a fhp mustang is a fhp camaro.
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                            Welcome....from another fellow FHP guy!!

                            Your car looks fantastic!
                            Bob E.

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                              Every time I drive the car I fall more in love with it!

                              1991 Florida Highway Patrol #726