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1992 ma police interceptor, is it worth saving??

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    Originally posted by Keving37 View Post
    Ha.. It's 33 not a cobra!
    A car replicated even more than the Cobra...
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      Despite what his choices are, I think it is very clear that the answer to his original question is... yes, it's worth saving. BUT... the bigger question now is who will save it and how? I'll be the first to say that I'm the most disappointed that that decision was made to part it out (being that it has MA history), however, let's just respect that not everyone has the same appreciation for the SSP's as we do and hope that someone will come forward to save this car in whatever condition it is in. Before we steer new people away from this hobby, let's do our best to help save this car when the seller decides he is done with it. That's really all we can do at this point.

      Originally posted by kapracing View Post
      I know you said to register the kit car you had to have the title, Correct?
      Do you have to remove the the VIN plates from the car as well? I PM'd you my cell #. Please give me a call and explain the process involved. Depending on what the process entails I may have a solution that could save the SSP body for a future project for someone...
      I'm in the same boat as Bobby. I'm curious as to what the process is with kit cars/titles/vin plates in MA. For the record, I have no interest in this car! I've got enough projects!

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        Well said Joe,
        I also have no interest in acquiring this car, ( my project plate is full as well & wrong state for me ) BUT... If Kevin will call me, I may possibly have a solution for him to title his kit car and then still keep the MA title with the SSP so he can sell it, hopefully to someone in the SSP community to save it...

        It's worth a shot... Hopefully he will see this and it will not be too late...
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          Wow... been reading this. Are we being punked again? Yea we need another Not Rod at a car show like we need chrome wheels and upside down SS badges on Chevelle grills. Last car show I went to: 3 Ferraris, one SSP. 'NUFF SAID!! BAM!!!