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Radiator core support question

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  • Radiator core support question

    Hey all, thought I'd field this question for more insight. When I bought my '92 former CHP coupe the previous owner tried to tow it with a ratchet strap and collapsed the lower portion of the radiator core support. It didn't appear to bend it (I will take a closer look when I pull the bumper and fenders off soon) but it did collapse it, if that makes sense. They're hollow, and it partially collapsed it, which puts that radiator at a weird angle.
    This has been bothering me and I read a ton about aftermarket radiator core supports being less than stellar quality, so I found a '93 Mustang that had been wrecked from behind with a mint core support, and cut it out, above where it mounts to the body.
    My question, should I try and repair the one on there since it's the original or should I replace it with this nice one? I do know that I will move the Buck Tags over to the new one if I do it, but is there a reason why I shouldn't do this for originality's sake or well, just because?
    Any insight would be much appreciated!
    Does anyone in the Bay Area know of a good body shop that could repair it or replace it the RIGHT wayI I'm choosy and want it done right, but I am willing to pay for it. I can do everything else, but bodywork is not my thing!