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Questions for the Texas SSP gurus

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  • Questions for the Texas SSP gurus

    Thanks to this web page along with internet searching I have been able to figure out a lot of the detail items I need to put my 1985 unit back to the way it was.
    I do have a few things that I'm in need of help.
    What type of siren speaker is used and where is it located?
    What type of light control switch panel was used (made in house or bought) and location?
    Do license plate numbers correspond in any way to the unit number?
    Standard gray G.E. speaker of the era and its location?
    Any interior markings, labels or decals?
    I'm know I have a lot more questions but that is it for now. Any interior photos of in use units or restorations would be greatly appreciated. If you prefer, my email is: azahb at

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    It's been over a month and no response. I'm really surprised that there isn't any one here that can clue me in about Texas DPS units. Looking at the bright side, if no one tells me what is correct, then I don't have to worry about it being wrong. Time to post my wish list in the wanted section and get on with the build. In any case thanks for looking at my post. If I can be of any help here in Phoenix, AZ please contact me.



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      Hi Mike,

      Here is an excellent resource:
      2005 Mustang GT - DD - few bolt-ons (325 RWHP)
      2001 Mustang Bullitt (#1609)
      1993 TX DPS SSP
      1988 AL DPS SSP


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        This is where I got 90% of my references and info. Tony's photo gallery certainly has a wealth of photos!
        1988 Tribute SSP (original FHP)
        1988 MA State Police SSP #2702
        1987 MA State Police Mustang GT #1451
        1996 MA State Police Bronco #1644
        2003 US Park Ranger Expedition SSV (California)
        Personal Site:
        MA State Police Collection at MSP Restorations
        ...and several other Mustangs