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siren speaker barely audible

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  • siren speaker barely audible

    i have no clues of the proper nomenclature for this but....the siren was workiking fine until a couple of days ago. i test it occasionally and when i switched it on it was barely audible. i have no idea where to start. the speaker is behind the front bumper on the passenger side. the car is a santa clara county sheriffs dept car that i recently bought. can someone please point me in the right direction. all the wiring looks ok. i did get in a heavy rainstorm a couple of days prior to it not working properly. any help is much appreciated... thanks

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    Since you mentioned the rain storm that would be my first thought. Most siren speakers have a up side and a down side due to a drainage weep hole. Pull the speaker off, drain it if needed and clean it all up. If that didn't do it try and swap out the speaker, If it works then you know the first one is bad. If the test speaker does not work then the driver is shot, most likely a diode. If your good at electronics then get the drawings and have some fun. If your not then hunt down another driver. I have had a speaker go bad with the car just sitting in the garage, siren drivers always go during a parade for some reason.
    Hope this helps & good luck.


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      Why are you driving this car in a heavy rain storm?
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        Somewhere along the line my cone was removed and just the driver remains. If you could snap a pic of yours so I can get a cone that would be awesome.
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          drewstang, i sent you an email