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Recent movies with old/vintage police cars

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  • Recent movies with old/vintage police cars

    I re-watched "We Own the Night" a couple days ago. The '90's LTD Crown Vic, and the later chase with the Caprice made me wonder about other recent movies that feature old police cars(older than the movies they are in).
    So it might be fun if we list some recent movies(past 15 years or so) that feature old Police Cars. I say "recent movies" because of course a 30 year old movie will have 30+ year old police cars. And we've all seen Sugar Land Express and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, etc... But I'm sure there are some more recent movies that might've flown under the radar for some of us.

    Some I can think of:

    We Own the Night - Movie takes place in 1988, so the cars are from this era. Also has a decent chase scene.

    No Country for Old Men - Takes place in the early '80s. No chases with the Caprices though.

    The Crazies (the remake) - The Sheriff pulls the agency's '74 LTD out of his barn after the government disables all the other cars in town.

    Zodiac - Kind of self-explanatory; A LOT of '60's police cars...marked and unmarked.
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    Friday Night Lights
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      Marine with John Cena, terrible movie but love it for the police camaro chase. the tank like abilities of this car is laughable but love it because of the resemblance to my car.
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