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    Hi all,

    I have been compiling a list of people who are serious in purchasing a set of Gatorback tires for their SSP. I have a dealer account with Kelsey Tires, for my Mustang restoration business, but if I can help a group out with a good discount and we all benefit (I need a set for my '88 CHP SSP, too), then it's win, win!

    I can now get them for $285ea, instead of the $310ea retail, so if you are serious in wanting to purchase a set now, please email me as we're about to lodge our order.

    Cheers, Sean
    Sean McDonagh
    Retired HWP Sgt

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    Hey Sean.

    Are you still able to do a discount price? All five of my tires are near rotted. Are you bringing a container back to Australia soon?

    Dave B
    1988 SSP (blue PCSD)
    67 S-Code Fastback (nearly finished)
    67 C-Code Coupe (sold)