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Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration, Friday April 16, Nashville, TN.


    Friday was another perfect day weather wise, even warmer that the day before. Since most of the group was all together, we decided to drive to the track together. That was an experience in itself, and the people on I-40 were more than a bit puzzled when a line of SSP's passed by, all from different states! There is a large rock ledge near the back entrance of the track, which turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a photo...problem was, no one had a wide angle lens to capture all the cars! Fortunately there was a photographer close by who was taking track pictures, and he had the right equipment to get the entire group..the result below speaks for itself.

Another photo op that doesn't come along too often. This rock ledge made for a great shot. I managed to get it from the side, but the photographer got a nice head one view that we all ponied up $40 for..oh well..

    There was more open track racing, autograph sessions, and several more SSP's showed up.  Although I thought it would be tough to top Thursday, it was a lot of fun, since I got to finally check out the rides everyone had brought, as well as some of the show cars. Even looking at only one part of the show cars took most of the day.

    We left our cars overnight at the track, and managed to make it back in one piece that night.

How's this for a retro scene? 6 or 7 years ago you might have seen a couple of FHP cruisers parked like this getting gas..

Of course, you're bound to attract some attention with these cars, and we did. A Captain from the Tenn. Highway Patrol stops by to check us and the cars out. Genuinely nice guy. It wouldn't be our last encounter with the THP over the weekend.

Here's a few of the group lining up with their cars..Mark Cool, Tony Scharp, Jim Young, Don Brink, and Steve Collins to the right.
Dennis Gage from My Classic Car checks out the SSP display...think he'd rather be driving a 5.0 than that golf cart, don't you?
Here's a shot of the '86 and some of the others in the row..
And from the other end. Nice pic of Don Brink's 93.
Dale gets his car ready.
Couple more Texas cars, looking good as usual.
Darin's DPS car next to Tony's.
Steve Collin's '88 AZ DPS made the trip from OK. Neat car, AZ ran their cars with minimal markings, only door shields and rear lettering, pushers.
Kelly McCloud's 1990 KSP car was there, nice ride with the correct equipment. Only one of 5 used in 1990 by the KSP.
Brian Sams' extra clean '89 FHP car made it from Maryland. Notice the gravel we got stuck parking on..
Scott and Teresa Castle made the trip from Ohio with their nice 1993 FHP car. I think we had 7 FHP cars all told, 6 marked, 1 unmarked!
Here's Jim Young's '93, also from Ohio. Jim snagged a trophy for his nice resto.
Ron Mahoy's '89 Indiana State Police car was a nice surprise, since I had never seen one before. Ron has actually used this for work!
Rob Christman and his wife Melissa came from Cocoa Beach with their healthy sounding TX DPS car.

Stu Blank made the trip from NJ in his '90 Santa Clara CA Sheriff's SSP. Another one I had never seen, I liked the red spot on right and clean looks. Nice car.

Dale Amond and his 1991 neat NYSP car made the trip from way up in NY state. I was trying to find a screwdriver to grab his front plate when he wasn't looking!

Tom Mallette and his wife made the trip from Texas also...he had just finished restoring his car for the show, excellent job.

Now this one really caught me by surprise...Mark Cool brought his '85 KSP car from Kentucky. It had a nice set of equipment, including an original VASCAR unit! Out of the 14 cars Kentucky used, we had two at the show.

John Malloy's 1992 FHP car with 347 stroker...nasty sounding ride! Car is clean and trick.

Mark Woodhouse brought his 1992 unmarked FHP car from Largo, FL. This is one of only 3 red ones ever used by the FHP. Mark added all original equipment back in, car looked great.

Here's Don Brink's 1993 Ford Brochure cover car. He did a great job of making this look like the cover of the '93 SSP Brochure. Don's probably off talking to Jack Roush and his people somewhere.

Tom and Donna Gouldy's beautiful 1989 FHP, not in concours this year, they grabbed a trophy as well.
Jack and Annelisa Jamison's pristine1992 FHP car came with them from Indianapolis. This made for the 6th marked FHP car!
Tony Scharp and his '88 DPS car always looks great. He swapped a new motor in the week before the trip!
Darin and Sylvie Putman's 1993 Texas car, another excellent DPS example. They made the trip from Lubbock, quite a haul.
Nice lineup on the show ground. My Indian Rocks stuck in the mddle.
Another look at Steve's '88 Arizona car.
Here's what happens when you park in the wrong part of the Speedway! Seems Stu's tires and wheels were needed elsewhere for a photo shoot.
Jack's daughter is ready to take the SSP for a spin.
Mark next to his rare unmarked FHP car..he also owned the white one at one time.

Yes, it wasn't all SSP's! Here's a look at the Concours area below the grandstands. You would have been hard pressed to find a nicer group of cars from all years. The Kettle Korn vendor to the left made a bundle off me.

I liked this guys paint and his attitude! Note how his Nitrous bottle matched his paint. He also had a radar detector that matched the paint, I'm guessing he needed it!

One of the other 3 SSP's at the show, this coupe had NCHP bucktags. Nice car. There was maybe a dozen other coupes there out of the whole show besides ours.

Here's the other SSP, 4 eyed version slightly warmed over.
Check out the underhood detailing, complete with mirror..incredible.
To give you an idea of the vendor area, here's one small part of it...
I'm not sure if someone was thinking they could drop these into the Focus, but....