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Mustang related items of interest


The 'first' SSP-1982 CHP Mustang!


MIKE_83_FHP_2_th2.jpg (8606 bytes)

The 'first' FHP Mustang-1983 SSP Mustang!


last_fhp1_th2.jpg (7077 bytes)

The 'last' marked FHP Mustang-1993 SSP Mustang!


Mikes_86_Fire_Chief_SSP_8_th2.jpg (7630 bytes)

'86 Mustang Fire Chief's car-one of a kind!!


1988_Mustang_Alconbury_Mobile_th.jpg (6255 bytes)

A look at USAF 'Spy Plane Chasers'


1992 CHP EVOC Training vehicle.

Special features:


Ford_100_logo_th.jpg (6080 bytes)

Ford 100th 'The Road is Ours' Celebration, Jun 12-16, 2003


CHP_SSP_Door_decal_th.jpg (6433 bytes)

Take a tour inside the CHP


Friday Night Lights - An inside look at the movie


Check out Mustang Monthly's Article on SSP Mustangs, Oct 2004 issue! (Adobe pdf)


Take a ride with the CHP in this awesome EVOC video! (large download, 25MB)


Mustang Monthly feature of the '82 CHP car, May '06 (Adobe pdf)

Non-Mustang features, but cool anyway:


Tour of Old Gold salvage yard, Old Town FL

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