Some photos and information about my SSP vehicles.


      Note that says 'vehicles'..What starts out small, well....

    I became interested in these cars after attending several state auctions and seeing them available for purchase back in the mid 90's. The thought of a 2 door Police vehicle with a standard shift seemed pretty cool...Although it wasn't until the 60's that 4 door automatic cars really became the norm in Police work. Nevertheless, by the 80's and 90's, there were only 2 cars that offered the Police Package in a 2 door version....Mustang and Camaro. Living in Florida, Mustangs were the dominant 2 door vehicle used by state, county and local law enforcement agencies. Although the mid 90's should have been on the tail end of the Mustang's service life, given that Police vehicles are typically used for 4-5 years, FHP was running them well beyond that, and some of the local counties like Hillsborough and Pinellas and cities like DeLand and Winter Park have only recently retired them from service! As of 2005, there are still agencies throughout the country that deploy SSP's!

    Anyway, after attending a quite a few of the state auctions, I decided I really wanted to pick one up. My first one was acquired at the auction in Lake City, FL, near Jacksonville, January 2000. There were actually 4 unmarked ones and 1 marked unit at this auction, 2 Calypso Green, and 2 Reef Blue, which is more of a Teal color. After losing out on the first three (the first Calypso Green '93 went for $6800, the second $6600!), I passed on the lone marked unit (5 speed but rough) and set my sights on the last unmarked one, managing to snag it for $4700. The interior was (and is) excellent, being one of the few examples I have seen without the usual holes for radio equipment, no cigarette burns, but a few coffee stains of course (hey, it's a cop car!). One small toggle for strobes on the console was all that had been added. Everything else was in great shape, and the siren and strobe box were still in the vehicle when I got it home and looked it over!

     After restoring the car to in service condition for shows, and learning a lot more about these cars, I got wind of another SSP for sale, but this one at the opposite end of the spectrum. It was an '83 FHP car, front end damage, 1 of 40 ordered by FHP that year, a former marked unit equipped with a carbureted 5.0 and 4 speed. By then, I was fully immersed into the SSP hobby, and knew this was a rare car that deserved saving. For $500, I picked up this 'project' and went to work. After performing quite a bit of the body work, it was sold to make room for another interesting vehicle-

    To round out the trio, I came across another SSP, this one decidedly different than the Police ones I had now seen. This car is an '86, used believe it or not as a Fire Chief's vehicle! This car was used almost under my nose for 15 years in the Clearwater area, and I never even knew it existed. Only after buying it did I run across people who said how they remembered seeing it running along the beach, around town, wherever. One night while filling up my car on Clearwater Beach, I noticed a guy on a Harley at the pump next to me with an Indian Rocks FD sticker on his windshield. We got to talking and I mentioned I now owned the car, and he told me some great stories about how much fun they had with it on (and off) duty. It is one of only two SSP's (the other was destroyed by a fire!) that was used for fire duty that I know of.

    Click on the links below for a bit more detail about each of my SSP's. I hope you enjoy them and the website! Any questions feel free to contact me.


1986 Fire Chief's SSP

1982 CHP SSP


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